Dr Sharon May-Davis Ph.D

Sharon’s passion for anatomy began at just 14 years of age, with dissecting rabbits, followed by completing her first equine post mortem at 21 and began equine dissecting at 35.  Within this time she completed Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine), and later her Masters, along with many other Equine therapy courses.

Sharon is one of Australia’s leading experts in the biomechanics & musculo-skeletal system of the equine.  Her passion has led her all over the world working with top performance horses and sharing her exceptional understanding of the equine. This has included Australian Champions from 6 different disciplines: Eventing, Dressage, Endurance, Show-jumping, Reining and Vaulting.

Sharon has done a great deal of research into the congenital abnormalities associated with the equine skeleton particularly in relation to the thoroughbred horse.  She has published many articles and continues her research both in Australia and Overseas.

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