daveleighDavid Leigh – The Barefoot Bloke 

Qualified Equine Podiotherapist
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, B.App.Sc. (Equine).

David’s (Dave) passion is for horses – everything and anything horse related. He is constantly striving to learn more about horses, his second passion is sharing what he has learnt with others. “Learning about horses is not definitive; there is no destination, only the journey.”

David’s journey started when he was 5 years old and he became a student of the horse. “The more I learn the more I realise I don’t know…. I have barely scratched the surface.” David has completed various natural horsemanship courses, attended courses offered by Farriers and Barefoot Hoof Care Practitioners.

He has also completed the 2 year diploma offered by the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy and is a qualified EPT. This course was a defining factor in his life as it moved away from the anecdotal type of training previously encountered to something tangible and based on science.

“This course covers everything from anatomy, musculoskeletal biomechanics, horse handling, OH & S, practical trimming training, hoof pathologies, nutrition and even business principles. The most important lesson I learnt was that one cannot look at the hoof in isolation, the horse needs to be looked at in its entirety, taking cognisance of the horse’s environment and other outside influences that may directly or indirectly impact on the horse’s well-being.”

In an effort to try to further understand Equines, David embarked on a BSc Equine Science degree at Charles Sturt University, where his education is continuously enabling him to understand horses even more and enhance their being.

“Not with-standing the above, the best teachers I have encountered and continue to be privileged to meet on a daily basis, are the horses themselves. They ground me, they humble me, they make me realise that every last one of them needs care and understanding. No matter their worth, whether a humble little paddock companion or a “Black Caviar”, they all deserve the best care I can offer and they in-turn all have a lesson to share.  We just need to be quiet, we just need to listen, we just need to observe, we just need to think, question, and keep an open mind.”

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