Read what past students say about their learning experience

Lisette Dale, NSW

I just wanted to pass on my thoughts and gratitude about this brilliant course - The Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy.

The standard of teaching and level of knowledge imparted was excellent. Also, the learning experiences were designed to suit a range of learning styles.

I am very grateful that I undertook this wonderful course.

Many thanks

Leeonie Stephens

Highly recommend studying the diploma with the Equine Podiotherapy College - Andrew Bowe.

Only the best lecturers in their fields are invited to present knowledge, findings and research!

I am now self employed, full time barefoot trimming!  Studying doesn't stop after the diploma, the thrust to study further is sparked, wanting to find more, be more, to better assist horses in the field and industry.

After completion of the Diploma in Equine podiotherapy, I'm now studying practitioner level equine bodywork to better understand and assist each horse I meet, for what they need and where they're at.

Many thanks to the team at the Equine Podiotherapy College in Yarck.  The team does a lot of work behind the scenes to make the diploma the best available.

Sietske Nobel

I have finished all my case studies, it's been a long year with lots of trimming.  They've been very rewarding and taught me heaps. Looking back at the case studies I did about a year ago, I can already see things I would do differently now.

Putting all of my case studies together I realised I forgot to take a few photos in a few case studies.  Sometimes I got so into the trimming I just forgot.

Being so passionate about trimming and bodywork keeps me curious all the time.  There is always more to learn and there's always more out there.  I have just started working with the glue and nail on shoes and getting great results in horses' soundness.  I have also started using equine taping to help facilitate correct movement after a trim. I'm experimenting at the moment with horses with club feet and very upright feet.  A new interesting learning journey.

Being able to assess the whole horse and work on both the hooves and the rest of the body keeps me intrigued as to how everything is so connected, but if you give the foot the opportunity to start healing it will go where it wants to go.

Thanks so much for offering this amazing course.  It helped me to find my passion in life, something no one will ever be able to take away.

Dr Alina Luff, Veterinarian, Busselton, WA

The Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy is much more than a "how to trim a hoof" course. We have learnt how to assess the whole horse, and apply the hoof care most appropriate. 

As a vet, it has given me an additional treatment option especially for those previously frustrating cases and hoof care now forms part of my treatment plan.

I know WHAT to do, WHY it needs to be done and can simply explain it to the client from a scientific basis, and know HOW to carry it out. 

It has really filled in the gap between vet and hoof care, and the horses and clients are seeing the benefits.

Karly Holcombe, Victoria

This course has taught me to look at horses in a new light, with so much focus on the whole horse, not just the hooves.  When assessing a horse I am now able to pick up on so much more than i ever would have before. In the past year i have been able to develop my skills past just surface trimming, to really understanding the anatomy and function which enables me to make better informed trimming decisions. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their trimming to the next level.

Duncan Mclaughlin, Tarago NSW.

The Dip. EPT is so much more than some "how to trim course"! The benefits realised from any course are proportional to the efforts put in and certainly the open and enquiring approach from the diverse range of quality presenters has compelled me to "put in" the required effort, with obvious results to my clients and my own horses".

Martin Godwin, Dunkeld VIC.

Within this year I have been able to go from tentatively trimming a friend's horses on weekends to professionally caring for over 100 horses and still expanding.  This course helped me achieve my aim of being a professional trimmer and now I am well on my way to being considered the "trimmer of choice" for my region. 

Marie Farr Yeppoon Qld.

Not only did this course provide detailed information on the equine foot on a microscopic level (Prof. Robert Bowker) to the practical aspects of physiological trimming for both maintenance and pathologies (Mike Ware, Andrew Bowe) it also focused on the horse in its entirety. 

From a variety of perspectives (Dr. Mark Curtis, Wayne Anderson, Renee Pearson) we were trained as professionals to closely observe the signals in hoof, body, stance, biomechanics and behaviour  that would assist us in our aim to bring about a healthy foot and long term soundness.  


Students working with cadaver legs - many dissections are undertaken during the anatomy section of the course.