The most comprehensive Barehoofcare Diploma course in Australia

Since 2008 the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy has been training holistic hoofcare professionals. This Diploma is the most comprehensive barehoofcare course in Australia (barehoofcare is the management of equine hooves to be kept bare or protected only with orthotics that don’t affect hoof function).  The course produces therapeutically trained specialists capable of traversing the modern paradox of equine performance and longevity.

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Our Lecturers

Our practical hands on diploma course has been created by genuine experts in the field for students wishing to build a career in equine podiotherapy and it covers all aspects of equine hoof care.

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Curriculum & Campus

Once qualified you will join the ranks of a highly regarded cohort that has become synonymous with top shelf barehoofcare in Australia.  Before you commit to such an important step in the pursuit of a career in equine hoof care, please ensure that any course you are signing up for is what it says it is.

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Due to the intense hands on nature of this training, class sizes are limited and usually fill months before commencement, so don’t miss out. For more information, or to secure your place please contact our administration office now or fill out the inquiry form on our Registration page.

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Block 1 February 6 days 12th to 17th February
Block 2 April 6 days 15th to 20th April
Block 3 May 5 days 29th May to 2nd June
Block 4 August 5 days 27th to 31st August
Block 5 October 5 days 8th to 12th October
Block 6 November 5 days 25th to 29th November