Bob_BowkerProfessor Robert Bowker,  PhD, Neurobiology, University of Pennsylvania, 1979 VMD, Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1973 BS, Biology/Chemistry, Springfield College, 1969

Professor Bowker has spent the last decade and a half as Head of the Equine Hoof Laboratory Research team based at Michigan State University in the US.  At the universtiy he teaches veterinary students and his specialty is hoof research through the study of the functions of the equine foot at cellular level.

Much of his research has been on the microscopic level, and through the dissection and study of literally thousands of cadaver hooves he has given the world amazing insights into the true nature of the functioning of the internal structures and how they remain sound for life.

Professor Bowker’s research is the bedrock on which much of the natural hoof care world have based their trimming. His pioneering scientific papers detailing his findings have brought natural hoof care practices into the 21st century and confirmed what the natural hoof care practitioners were finding at the coal face of hoof care.

Professor Bowker has now ‘retired’ from teaching, however ACEP continues to deliver his work and will endeavour to “hook up” via the internet.

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