Nic BoweNicole Bowe –

ManageMayfield Rehabilitation Centre

Graduated B.Ap.Sc. 1991, Graduated Certificate in occupational studies (Hospitality) 1993; Graduated Certificate in Veterinary Nursing 1995; 1993 – 2001 Worked as Veterinary Nurse; 2001 – 2002 Studied Certificate in Accountancy.  Manager, Mayfield Barehoofcare Rehabilitation Centre.

Nicole Bowe manages the often complex, difficult, and sometimes long term nursing care supplied by Mayfield Barehoof Centre. She formulates diets based on the varied and individual needs of each horse undergoing rehabilitation.

She also assists these horses’ owners with nutritional advice for the future prevention of laminitic episodes. Many of the horses at Mayfield have gut issues from long term medication and Nicole says restoring good gut function can play a huge role in their outcomes.

After years of nursing these difficult cases, Nicole is keen to pass these insights onto Equine Podiotherapists so they too can assist owners faced with the challenge of restoring good health to laminitic horses.

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