andrewboweAndrew Bowe, B.App. Sc –  A Director of the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy, Master Farrier and Equine Podiotherapist – Cert IV in Training and Assessment

“The Barefoot Blacksmith”.

Andrew, a Master Farrier of over 30 years experience  is now at the forefront of education in Barefoot Trimming in this country through his work as “The Barefoot Blacksmith”. Andrew also has an agricultural science degree and has published a text on laminitis recovery pratices. He brings to this course his insights from both sides of the anvil.

Andrew and his wife Nicole run Mayfield Barefoot Centre   where horses with life threatening hoof conditions are returned to health. He is passionate about improving hoof care through education and as well as developing the Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy he provides educational trimming workshops for horse owners Australia wide.

Andrew still maintains a busy trimming practice where he provides bare hoof care to top riders in all the competitive disciplines. Firstly as a Master Farrier and later as an Equine Podiotherapist Andrew has dealt with all aspects of bare hoof care.  He really does know what works and what does not.  There is no one in Australia, in fact in the world, who has more experience in this new field.

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