mikewareMichael Ware, Equine Podiotherapist –

Manager, Easycare Down Under www.easycaredownunder.com.au

Mike developed a passion for professional trimming when as an endurance rider he was looking for ways to help his own horses stay sound. So impressed by the healing he saw he left a 30 year career in the corporate world to be a full time professional trimmer & later a barefoot educator through Equethy Workshops.

Seeing the need in the community for better hoof care information Mike and his wife Chrisann (an Equine Myofunctional Therapist & originator of Equethy Workshops) worked extensively to promote the development of barefoot trimming in Australia by bringing the leading lights of trimming here.

Mike draws on his long corporate background as an area manager for the Commonwealth Bank when delivering the modules on small business practices.  He brings 30 years experience as a top business executive to this course and has seen the rise and fall of many small businesses.  He offers students strategies that build and develop successful small businesses.

Mike, now Manager of Easycare Down Under www.easycaredownunder.com.au teaches booting modules in this course.  He shares his vast knowledge of equine hoof boots and their uses for rehabilitation and high performance riding.  Students who successfully pass this segment of the course are also accredited as “Specialist Boot Consultants” for Easycare Down Under.

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