lauraLaura Taylor –

B.Sc Nursing

Laura is a Registered Nurse B.Sc(Nursing) whose love of the equine brought her to train as an  Equine Podiotherapist.

As a nurse Laura has worked in the areas of medical, surgical and emergency health.  She brings to the Occupational Health and Safety modules of this course her expertise as a nurse with an eye for the dangers of outdoor work as they affect a professional trimmer and adds her insights as someone who now works at the coal face of hoofcare.

Riding since she was 4 yrs old she continued her love of horses and through pony club rose to be a member of the Victorian Dressage Young Riders Squad.  As an adult she now is following her love of Quarter horses and training.

Laura states:  My interest in barefoot started when we owned a thoroughbred with problem feet and legs and we tried barefoot to help him. Since then we have our horses barefoot and they have not looked back.

What I saw and read about barefoot made me realise that it just made sense and it sparked my wish to be involved in equine rehabilitation by delivering professional trimming as an Equine Podiotherapist.

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