Additional intake March 2017 now enrolling

Due to a high demand for positions in our February intake which is fully booked, we are planning on running another block in 2017.

Block dates are as follows:

Block 1 March 13th -19th
Block 2 April 19th-25th
Block 3 August 9th -14th
Block 4 November 22nd-28th

Please contact us on 5773 4358 or email to register your interest as there are limited places available.

Have you ever wished you knew more about horses' hooves? Found Google to be a landmine of information, unsure of what to believe and what might be fiction? What works and what doesn't?
Andrew and Nicky Bowe from the Barefoot Blacksmith have put together 'Barehoofcare: A Handbook for Owners (second edition)' full of interesting and useful information about hooves! For only $15 plus P&H, you can gain an understanding of the structures and function of your horses' hooves. The anecdotes and practical applications explained in this handbook are based on the research conducted by the highly respected Professor Robert Bowker from Michigan State University.
Included in this handbook is a vast amount of information about equine hoof structure and function; how to maintain the function between your regular trims plus pictures to show you the appearance of a healthy hoof.
You will learn of the various options other than traditional steel shoes that can protect your horses' hooves such as hoof boots, shells, poly shoes and tips.
Descriptions, pictures, causes and treatments for various pathogens as well as hoof deformity and chronic lameness problems will ensure you are able to spot these issues early, allowing you to deal with little problems before they become big problems.
This handbook also includes information on how to improve your horses' hooves through diet, exercise, terrain and paddock systems.
Barehoofcare: A Handbook for Owners is an affordable source of reliable information with scientific backing.
To order your new handbook, please go to the online store -
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It's officially the last day of Equitana 2016!!

Come and see the crew in the Grand Hall at stall 202.

We are very sorry for any inconveniences caused by yesterday's muck up. We are happy to say that Andrew Bowe will be giving a lecture at 12 pm in the Classroom to make up for yesterday. 'Overcoming the Modern Paradox of Hoof Care' will try to find the middle ground between Barefoot and Shoes.

See you all there.

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